Crab Thermidor

OK ... its a simple dish to make but its all in the tasting like so many of my dishes. I don't put amounts in many recipes as I cook by taste the best way is to start with the basics and try for yourself. Different cheeses, stocks, crabs etc will have different tastes so the only way to make a dish you love is to taste as you cook.

A brown crab is not expensive, should be about £4. Ingredients for the stock should also be free from a decent fishmonger when you buy your crab.

First make a really good seafood stock with flatfish bones, scallop frill and a few prawn shells. Read about making stocks in a previous post here .

One good crab, spider tastes best but brown can be used for everyday
Seafood stock (about 300ml per crab)
Gruyere cheese
Parmesan cheese
English Mustard powder

Clean the crab, extract the meat and clean the shell ready for use as a bowl.
Make a veloute with the stock, by making a roux with some butter and plain flour then adding heated stock slowly mixing till the consistency of double cream.
Season then add some gruyere and parmesan to taste ... should be a nice balance of cheese and sea flavour.
Add tabasco and some english mustard to bring in a nice heat to the dish.
Add the meat to the shell then pour the sauce over.
Add a little extra cheese on top then bake for 20min or so.
It should be cooked through and slightly browned on top.

Serve in the shell, use some green veg to balance the shell or some foil.

enjoy !


  1. Lovely, I remember this from the competition. I would love to see a post on how you made your final rabbit dish.

  2. Had this at Mat's restaurant a couple of weeks back, absolutely delicious! Then "recreated" it at home using some fresh West Bay crabs and a bit of extra Cayenne pepper, our dinner guests loved it! Thanks, Steve.

  3. Mmmmm - had this at The Wild Garlic earlier this month and it was fab. Hoping to recreate it tonight - many thanks for publishing your recipe, Mat!

  4. Ha, just had this at the Wild Garlic and can recommend it!
    Actually, can recommend typing up a review while a bit more sober than this treviewer!