What next ?

Just a brief update as the week has been mad. A flurry of press interviews and a few TV shows. BBC Breakfast went well with John T taking the p*** the followed by This Morning with Eamon Holmes and his wife Ruth ... they were lovely ... really nice and supportive on and off screen. We saw Eamonn again briefly the next morning on his radio 5 show which was great fun ... my final pudding was compared to a McFlurry Chrunchie ! lol.

Off to London to meet agents next ... I'm a little skeptical of getting much TV work but publicity is all good if we can get the restaurant going this year ... several offers of investment and premises so far so looking at them over the next few weeks.

The comments and emails ... and cards have been amazing ... it really is incredibly flattering so thank you.

I'll try and get back to publishing some recipes here next week !


  1. Great work, Mat!

    My wife and I followed your progress through the Masterchef competition from the US, and when next we make it to the UK we will definitely pay your restaurant a visit.

  2. Dear Mat,
    I supported you all the way through Masterchef and were thrilled when you won. I thought your cooking was amazing. My very sincerest congratulations to you. Please don't give up on your plans to open a restaurant - my family and I want to come and sample your fare. Best of luck, Amy

  3. Well done!!! I was on one of the first programmes but failed to cook my garlic enough before stuffing my tenderloin, never mind i really enjoyed the day and John said that mine was the best looking dish in the room. We are just up the road from you at Newton Poppleford so will be booking a table when your restaurant opens. Well done again, kind regards Kate Smith

  4. Heartfelt [belated] congratulations Mat!
    Somehow I miraculously stumbled upon your Blogspot tonight. [I had tried to find contact details on the night the final-final was aired, but the BBC website was of no use whatsoever....].
    Secondly, I wanted to say 'thanks' for prising me out of the office on time every night in the final week....
    But seriously...I applaud you loudly not only for your undisputed culinary talent [where HAVE you been hiding ?], but also as someone so obviously passionate and eager to please in what they do, but at the same time daring to be different - having the guts to NOT QUITE swim with the rest of the shoal. You pulled it all off with such refreshing dignity and humility too. Stay true to YOUR dream and all those qualities Mat - as far as I'm concerned you're already a star without the trappings of TV chefdom. Well done again and all the very best to Mrs Follas too. Fiona M

  5. Matt, well done for winning Masterchef for Dorset, I am a Chartered Surveyor in Dorchester see www.beauchamps.org.uk, if you need any professional advice re your proposed restaurant i.e schedule of condition on a leashold property or surveys of freehold properties don't hesitate to ask, regards and well done, Steve Sherlock