Blogging our restaurant opening

I'm currently taking a recipe break and posting about opening the restaurant opening over on the Guardian/Observer Word of Mouth Blog ... some great feedback so far, please feel free to add to comments or comment here ... Mat

ps Bagged loads of Elderflowers today and will post a recipe once I've tried it !

We've got the phone on at last !

We've got the phone on at last, (it will also have a BT Openzone). I've plugged an answer machine in so please do feel free to start calling. I'm confident we'll be open on time, lots of work still to do but we'll get there.

All nights have some space at the moment. Opening night for dinner will be 25th June and for lunch from 23rd June. For more details see our website The Wild Garlic, there's an email link and phone number.

(Yes we will also be open for coffee and a glass or two during the daytime, Lunch Tues-Sat and Dinner Thurs-Sat ... more details on website ... Mat)

Phone number: 01308 861446

Please see our draft menu :