Hokey Pokey

Every Kiwi knows what this is ... it's like the honeycomb in the middle of a well known chocolate bar. We were brought up in NZ on Hokey Pokey ice cream, either crumble on the top or mix into vanilla ice cream when it's nearly frozen to make the proper stuff (needs to be cold otherwise you'll have toffee ice cream)

2 tbsp Golden Syrup
5 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Baking Soda


Heat syrup and sugar in non-stick milk pan until melted and slightly caramelised ... then add baking soda and quickly stir until mixed ... let it expand and pour onto silicon baking sheet ... it will set in 5 minutes ... be careful as it's very sticky and very hot in the pan

Smash into chunks as you like them as a sweet to nibble on.

For ice cream do not use the baking soda, I drip the molten toffee onto a silicon mat to make smooth drops then add them to the ice cream ... once it has frozen ... and churn again for a couple of minutes to mix through.

Sea Kale

Its the new stalks you want to eat, not the big leaves like this, dig down into the shingles a little to get white stalk and new shoots. Be careful not to damage the plant when digging around it and replace the shingle afterwards.

Sea Beet

Salty, sweet ... great salad food or toss in a little butter, season with pepper and serve with steak.

Sea Campion

Not so much flavour but great edible flowers.