Forgot how easy these are but made a batch this morning with the kids as a treat breakfast.

Self raising Flour

Rub butter in till crumbly with your fingers, then add some more to make them extra buttery !

Add pinch of salt
Add little sugar if making sweet scones

Mix then add flavour, cheese, sultanas, dates ... whatever you fancy ... remember plain are pretty good on their own too.

Add milk and mix by hand till just binding together ... not a wet dough ... add a bit more flour if you've added too much milk.

You've probably noticed I haven't added any measurements ... I never measure ... as long as you get the butter and flour to a nice crumbly mix where it will bind if squeezed hard then its done ... at a guess I would say about 150g Flour to 50g Butter and 50ml milk to make a really buttery scone. Don't over work them or they won't rise ... worked flour stretches the gluten and you get hard scones (or cakes when making cakes) ... work it as little as possible to get yummy, crumbly, buttery scones ... there's not much better !


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