Simple Ice Cream, no mixing

Closing down another blog and decided to save this post ... easy ice cream without a machine. It is a bit heavy and rich but small amount is nice with a fruit coulis

Ice cream is so easy if you follow this simple rule ... double cream only ! That way it sets perfectly, no mixing or machines required, yes its really rich but tastes so good ... adding milk is just watering it down and creates ice crystals so just have less !

  • 300ml of double cream
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 50g caster sugar

heat to simmer, mix, add flavour then freeze (I put it in ramekins) it really is that simple.

Flavour with one vanilla pod

or 10 drops of lavender essence (this is really good ... try with some hokey pokey)

or a fruit coulis (stir it in as the custard starts to set), jam works well too :-)

an espresso

chocolate of course !

For something special freeze a ramekin, cool the custard (I put it in a bag and run under the cold tap till its chilled, pour the custard into the ramekin and leave for 30min in the freezer, the sides and bottom will have frozen. You can then pour out the centre, add a treat (jam works great here for the kids) and put custard back over the top for final freezing ... leaving a hidden treat in the middle.


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