Easy Mayonnaise recipe

Forget dripping oil and whisking endlessly ... you don't have to ... this takes 30 seconds !

This has taken all the pain out of making mayonnaise for me ... use a blending stick. A version of this recipe was with my new Bamix blender but I only just tried it after three months of Bamix ownership. I have also tried using my trusty old philips stick blender and it works a treat too.

  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • seasoning (i use tabasco and fine salt)
  • rapeseed/sunflower/olive oil
  • white wine vinegar
  • lemon juice

As usual I'm not giving exact quantities ! ... it requires about 300ml of oil. Be aware that olive oil gives a lot of flavour so I use mostly sunflower with a little olive oil for a nice balance. Rapeseed oil makes a wonderful bright yellow mayonnaise.
Put the eggs into a container just wider than your stick blender (I often use a large mug) then add 150-200ml oil ... blitz.
Add more oil once it starts to bind to a mayonnaise and stop when you reach the texture you like (it gets thicker the more oil you add).
The mayonnaise will now taste of egg and oil so season first then add some acidity, I like a dash of vinegar and add lemon to suit.
Taste - but use a new spoon each time as this is a cold dish and you risk contamination.

You can then add other flavours, chopped wild garlic, dill for fish, capers for shellfish ... feel free to add suggestions ! Worth noting that flavours intesify over a while so be cautious with garlic especially as it will get much stronger in flavour after an hour or so.

This uses fresh eggs so treat with some caution ... keeps fine for a few days but I make it fresh as its so easy.


  1. That sounds easier than other mayonnaise recipes I've seen. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

  2. ive always wanted to know how to make mayo because i buy so much of it,thank you

  3. Which Bamix did you use? Have you tried any of the addons for it? Matt

  4. My Bamix is the 'gastro' I think ... the grinder is brilliant for spices (why I bought it) and I also have the slice-easy(sp) which is a nice food processor ... brilliant machine ... get one.

  5. I have never been able to make Mayo.... and I just did in 5 mins.... thanks a bunch xxx

  6. I have just bought the Bamix de Luxe and it is useless at making mayonnaise with egg yolks only. I do not like to use whole eggs as the white makes the consistency too soft. I bought the Bamix mainly for its so-called ability to mayonnaise in seconds (which it doesn't) and if I wanted to use whole eggs, my naff old Phillips blender would have done just as good a job. £100 down the drain.