Newspapers and events

I know I promised Thermidor recipe but thought I'd post a few links today ... I will get the thermidor written up and posted soon !

The Independent ran a great article today ... including a whole page picture of me ... very flattering ! Independant Article

May 3rd (not 2nd as I previously said ! sorry) I'm helping at the Dorset knob throwing event in my local village Dorset Knob lots of fun, not to be taken seriously ! and loads of local foodie stalls (I'm doing a BBQ with a mate ... spare ribs, Spatchcock chickens and other yummy things)

May Bank Holiday 23-25th May ... big festival at Hampton Court Foodies so and very excited and should be able to announce restaurant details there !

More to come soon ... watch this space ... Mat


  1. Hi Mat, a truly deserving winner and I do hope you will open your own place Indie article, is this true?

    "..Yet his employer, IBM, has just refused him the sabbatical he was hoping would bridge the gap while he made the transition from struggling start-up to successful restaurateur."

    If yes, then shame on IBM I say...surely such a large corporation could be a bit more flexible? And one would have thought they could use the positive publicity to their advantage.

    Either way, you seem to be tenacious enough to find a solution to all this

    Best of luck to you,


  2. Good Luck with all future plans. You really did so well and learnt a lesson from each step of the competition which you then applied to get the end result you deserved. Impressive adaptation skills and also humility!! Enjoyed the programme immensely and am making your thai curry tomorrow... the spice mix smells great can't wait to cook it up !! Thankyou for the recipe All the best to you and your obviously wonderfully supportive family sara

  3. Just to say I made the thai curry adding finely sliced asparagus and halved mangetouts it was very easy and full of flavour, wonderful thankyou!! sara P.S. I usually make a much more complicated curry so it was great to get the same result on the table but with half the time and effort.